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Friday, April 6, 2012

Thirty One or Miche | Skirt vs.Shell

I went to a class and met a lady that sells Thirty One. I am shameless about my Miche business so of course I figured out a way to drop into normal conversation that I do sell Miche.

She was carrying her ultra cute Thirty One Skirt Purse. I think she was rocking the Black Parisian Pop. She had her purse right up there on the table next to her. I noticed. I notice purses, go figure? But I am not sure if any of the other ladies seated around the table noticed her purse. Don't get me wrong. Her purse was adorably cute.  But check out the difference.

I was rocking Claire okay. I'd dressed her specifically for this class. I'm telling you, she is irresistible. Ladies are drawn to Claire, they just can't help themselves. Isn't she amazing? Oh yeah and she was looking so good with her additional accessories (red knot handles, extra carabiners, pockettes, and a purse charm). A girl has to make an impression. Claire I mean, not me. Ladies noticed! I had one lady come up without even asking and started opening up my purse. As a purse salesperson this doesn't bother me. Ladies want to look, touch, and feel they just do.

This situation really got me thinking about Thirty One vs. Miche.  Both companies have a similar concept. And both of them are cute purses.

There is a lady who works in my building who has a Thirty One Skirt Purse. She's always dressed very nicely in slacks and a nice blouse. But she carries her Thirty One purse. It always looks odd to me. The Thirty One styles are adorable and fun.

But what happens when you need to dress a little nicer than jeans and a nice top? Thirty One can't get you there in one purse. They have other products that are more upscale. But...that of course gets you out of the same bag. What's the point of having an everyday purse if it doesn't fit every occasion of your busy life?

If I want a cutesy fun Thirty One type look...
Nothing says fun like a Sherry or many of our other Miche styles. Let's take into consideration what I am going to call, "the mother factor" I mean this in a polite way. My mother would never carry a Sherry. She is never going to wrap her Miche in a Sherry. I would! I like flash , but my mother likes class. We can at least agree that every true classic Miche collector should have a Brandi in her closet.

I don't think my mother would buy the Thirty One purse. Her first Miche was a gift from me which doesn't count I suppose, but you get the gist. She wears slacks, nice tops, she always looks classically good.

There is a market for Thirty One. If you love bags and totes, you need to check out Thirty One. I highly recomend the Large Utility Tote. It is a must have item.

If you want a purse that fits your entire lifestyle, Miche is a better purse.

Miche gives you the flexibility to be fun and cutesy, flashy, a little bit girlie, or classy all in the same week!


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